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      AcademIQ Tutoring has built up an extensive knowledge of assessment requirements for students in Canada.

      Students work on our assessments to indicate their level to their peers and to identify suggested areas to work on.

      Parents seek academic assessment for their children to determine their strengths and weakness.

      Our assessment is used to identify a suitable tutor that will suit a child's learning style, personality, and academic aims.

      A typical assessment takes 1.5 hours in which the child will be asked to complete a set of tasks to determine his or her current abilities and academic potential. A written report will be provided with the results of the assessment and a plan to achieve very fast results.

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Elementary Math Programs

 Mathematics introduces children to concepts, skills, and thinking strategies that are essential in everyday life and support learning across the curriculum. It helps children make sense of the numbers, patterns, and shapes they see in the world around them offers ways of handling data in an increasingly digital world, and makes a crucial contribution to their development as successful learners.

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Middle School Math

Middle school is a time of development, discovery, and transition for students – but also an exciting and powerful time for math education. The stronger conceptual understanding of key skills and concepts such as fractions, mathematical representations, functions, and problem solving that students build, the more they are set up for success down the line.

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High School Math Programs

Having a strong background in mathematics prepare high school students for success, regardless of what they aspire to do in the future. The seven mathematical processes identified in the curriculum are problem-solving, reasoning and proving,reflecting, selecting tools and computational strategies, connecting, representing, and communicating.

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