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Enrichment Programs for Kids

When the school day ends,
the fun begins

Building a Robot

Putting Safety First

We take extra measures to ensure your children are safe while attending our program.


Pick Your Program

AcademIQ CLUB offers enrichment activities, free from curricular pressure, promoting fun, teamwork, and unique opportunities to build new skills.

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 AcademIQ Tutoring

Boost your child's results for a strong and good grades this school year.

  • English

  • Math

  • Science

Technology Class

 AcademIQ STEM

Innovate the world with the best-in-class STEM education.

Explore a whole new level of project-making and problem-solving activities.



Discover what lies beyond earth and test theories through experiments.

AcademIQ Club Public Speaking

Public Speaking


  Master the Art of Public Speaking

  Learn to cultivate the communication and persuasion skills for

effective speeches

Living Room Pillow Fight

Babysitting Course

Learn how to safely babysit, how to stay safe, and be prepared during an emergency.

Teengers with Laptop

Home Alone Course

Provide children with necessary skills and knowledge on how to be safe and responsible when no guardians or parents are around.


Money Smart

Start now to learn how to be financially independent, how a debit card and credit card works,
avoid over-using credit and loans in the future

Planting Trees

Climate Change Ambassador

Nature is vital - we can't survive without it. But our world is under threat like never before. Take action now to shape our future!

Dream big!


The Entrepreneurship Club is a learning-by-doing environment where students can cultivate their entrepreneurship skills. 

Happy Managers

Entrepreneur Club

Busy Kids = Happy Parents

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We are located in Downtown Bradford
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